5 Ways to Support Small Businesses from Home During the Pandemic

Small businesses are really hurting during this time of isolation. Here are five simple and safe ways you can help support them so that they’ll still be there for you when the pandemic is over. (And remember—the best way you can help small business is by staying home, so that we can end this isolation period faster.)

Buy Gift Cards

As one restaurant owner told The Washington Post“gift cards are like interest-free loans.” By buying gift cards now, you’re giving a restaurant or store an influx of cash without them needing to offer anything in return in this very moment.

And then when the establishment reopens, you’ll be able to redeem the gift card and help the restaurant by bringing in more business.

Write Positive Reviews

How many times have you picked a restaurant based solely on the number of positive reviews it has? Or dismissed one due to dismal reviews? Writing positive reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor (our parent company) can help give your favorite local hotel, restaurant, bar, or shop an edge when they do reopen—or push them towards the top when people are searching for a delivery or takeout option.

Following and commenting on social platforms like Instagram or Twitter can help as well.

Shop Online

Does that cute local shop you like to visit have a website? Many stores are still fulfilling orders online, so you can safely shop at home and have items delivered. Restaurants may be offering more merchandise (think everything from T-shirts to cookbooks). Taking the money you’d normally spend in-person and redirecting it to online sales can be a huge help to a small business.

If you’d usually order a book from Amazon, think about ordering it from a small local bookstore instead—sites like IndieBound.org can help you find a store near you that accepts online orders.

Order Takeout/Delivery

Many restaurants that previously only offered dine-in are now pivoting to offer takeout and delivery. If possible, call/order online directly from the restaurant (rather than via a third-party delivery app) in order to spare the restaurant the fees those services usually charge.

Don’t forget to tip generously (for pick-up or delivery) to support the workers who are putting themselves at risk in order to serve you food during this time.