10 Tips for Safe Grocery Shopping During the Coronavirus Outbreak

We’re all trying to find our new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have suddenly become home-schooling parents working from home or are out of a job indefinitely. Even our everyday rituals have changed—we’re streaming workouts from our local fitness studios, hosting virtual happy hours and holding off on all our appointments until further notice.

Grocery shopping is one of those basic rituals we never thought twice about until recently, but we need to be vigilant in protecting ourselves, other shoppers and store employees. Here are 10 ways to practice safe (and friendly) shopping next time you need to stock up.

Consider Grocery Delivery or Pickup

Wear a Mask

Wash Your Hands Before and After Grocery Shopping

Take Advantage of Sanitizing Wipes and Stations

Keep Your Hands to Yourself as Much as Possible

Shop During Low-Traffic Hours

Pay with a Credit or Debit Card

Disinfect All Nonporous Containers and Any Surfaces Your Grocery Bags Have Touched

Stop Stockpiling

Wash Your Reusable Bags After Every Shopping Trip