A lot going on in downtown Hogansville !

The HRAA is doing a community beautification by repainting all the fire hydrants with the approval of the fire department. Each hydrant will be painted by a different artist.

Mark Ayers and wife are opening The Main Street Market is opening this coming Saturday. It will be open tuesday to Saturday 10/6 and will offering everything from milk eggs produce locally made cheeses, smoked meats andof course wine and beers.

This is an e- maill he sent everyone —

“We are opening the grocery store next Saturday. We are offering memberships with great deals which will be available all the time, but for the next week we are offering “founding members” in order to raise support for our initial stock. No pressure if not, but I wanted every business owner to know because the founding member’s name or business name will be displayed on a plaque forever in the store. I’m sending the details in these pictures, let him know if you’re interested.”

On another good news The Station Coffeehouse is opening June 1 , with a bakery attached to their name . A couple from LaGrange has leased iit and once they renovate it will be open to the public. The town is very excited with the re-opening

The Waffle house is open for business again and is using state approved law for social distancing. Glad to see them back. We missed their breakfast.

The Quilt shop is open and is selling their lovely mask for $5.00. They made hundred of them which they donated to the various hospital and first responders.