New Beer in the Aisle

During the warm days of summer, who does no like a cold beer, Whether your are fishing, siting on beach or Barbecuing, you like to reach for cold Bud. I am a big fan of Bud Lite.I like the taste of beer but not necessarily the buzz that come with it. On a hot day it is easy to drink a couple of cans…

Budweiser has answered my call for good taste, they just introduced a new beer call Zero. Its name describes it well 50 calories instead of 135 and zero alcohol but the same taste and flavor as Bud lite. A friend gave it to me without telling me it had no alcohol, then they showed me the can, I was pleasantly surprise.

It is available at Publix , Kroeger , Walmart among other stores. Ingles also will carry it very soon. It might be out of stock right now since it made in Canada , and it takes time for it to drive down here.