Celebrate safely this independence day

Days at the beach,family trips to the ice cream parlor,vacations. These are just a few things that evoke the spirit of the summer. a time when everyone seems to exhale a little and enjoy the warm weather.

Awe inspiring fireworks displays come to mind when imagining summer.Whether it is the Fourth of July or town gathering along a local waterfront, fireworks displays are a bug part of many people’s summer. Unfortunately, the potential for accidents and injuries is high when fireworks are involved.

Fireworks are always best left to professionals but this year more and more people are trying to set of their own. So for those who do please follow these precautions.

Never let kids handle firelworks

Follow the directions carefully

Never use fireworks indoors

Make sure spectators keep a safe distance

Recognize fireworks are not toys

do not attempt to reignite malfunctioning fireworks

light fireworks on smooth,flat surfaces.

Fireworks should be left to professionals, consumers who insist pm lighting their won should only do so with major caution.Stay safe…