The Pioneer Youth Program is an after-school program that operates in The Village of Hogansville, Georgia. Our program enrolls over 80+ children in an educational, mentor-focused setting that has the support of the local school administration — the results speak for themselves — improved grades, reduced delinquency and much more.But we need the help of the community to keep this program running.
Our program is entirely funded by private donations — and this program COSTS MONEY to keep it running.

Each weekday we provide a nutritious meal, followed by physical activities and enriching arts and music instruction for the local youth. This program costs approximately $7/day per child.
 Would you consider sponsoring a child? We need to SPONSOR 40 CHILDREN IN THE NEXT 40 DAYS! So far – 9 out of 40 children have been sponsored! Any little bit helps!
For $35/week, or $140/month you can help enroll an underprivileged student and keep them in a safe, educational space while their parents are gainfully employed.

The hours of 3-6pm are considered the “Danger Hours” for youth — the hours between the end of school and when parents return from work. Our program helps fill this gap with a safe, educational environment — it truly makes a difference in the lives of our students.
STUDIES ON THE EFFECTS OF AN AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMAfter-school programs also provide a significant return-on-investment, with every $1 invested saving at least $3 through increasing youth’s earning potential, improving their performance at school, and reducing crime and juvenile delinquency. Other benefits include: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).”  —

The benefits of an after-school program are widespread. Quality afterschool programs offer a safe, nurturing place of supervision for school-aged children and provide opportunities to reinforce day-time learning, teach social skills and encourage good citizenship. Research has shown that the benefits of participating in an afterschool program include but are not limited to: Improved self-esteem Increased interest and ability in reading Improved math scores Improved school attendance and increased engagement in school and reduced dropout rate Development of new skills and interests Increased quality of work and time on a task Reduction in students being detained in school or placed in special education classes Reduction in juvenile crime and drug use
-TCAP Student Program 
Thanks for your help in making this opportunity a reality.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – Pioneer Youth Program