Sunday Nite dinner in Newnan

Last Sunday the family decided they wanted to eat dinner with friends in Newnan. The group was composed of three children and four grown ups. It was decided to have an early dinner and Taco Mac would be a good venue for the the parents and the a place the kids would enjoy. We would meet in the parking lot at 6.30PM. Our friends arrived first since they leave in Newnan, and were waiting for us. They annouced that there was an hour wait even though their was a lot of empty tables .. Problem was a lack of staff.. Decision was to go somewhere else, so Mexican was our first alternative choice, the kids love tacos. Our nearest place was Los Banuelos , which was closed on Sunday, well there is always La Hacienda, were we headed to,,, We send an emissary to see what the wait was ,an hour minimum. So now what…

We almost forgot about one of my favorite luncheon spot Art and Jakes Sports bar and Grill on Newnan Crossing By pass across form Honda. The menu is traditional , with everything from wings to pizza including sandwiches. There is something for everyone. The place is very large and the service is fast. The drinks are great and very large.

A&J had no wait and the service and hospitality was great. It is a well tuned venue with good food, large portion and a very affordable menu with a large variety of food to please any palate. I loved their fish and chips the salmon was delicious as was the tacos. We know now where to go on a Sunday nite not only to eat but also to catch all the sports events on their many televisions.