Survey Says: Teens are Cheugy
Good news for anyone with a teen in their life: We’ve got some conversation material to switch things up from Billie Eilish and Berries and Cream TikTok. The fall teen survey from investment bank Piper Sandler just dropped, revealing the attitudes and buying habits of 10,000 US teens.Tech:iPhone ownership is at 87%.Snapchat is the top social network (35% share), followed by TikTok (30%).22% of teens have heard of NFTs, and 10% of those who’ve heard of them have purchased one.Entertainment and fashion:Nike is the top teen brand, holding its spot for the eleventh straight year.Adam Sandler is their favorite celebrity (Hubie Halloween season is upon us, after all), followed by Ryan Reynolds.Crocs are on the rise. They’re teens’ sixth-most preferred footwear brand, up from ninth place last year.Politics:54% of teens consider their carbon footprint when making a purchase.The most important social/political issue to them is the environment, followed by racial equality.