The Future of Biking Might Not Be Tandem

VanMoof, the Dutch e-bike manufacturer, will begin selling a high-speed bike called the VanMoof V in late 2022, the company announced Tuesday. Maxing out at 37 mph, the V is gonna be huge for those of us with dreams of one day cheating to win the Tour de France.

One potential hiccup: The V’s 37-mph speed is significantly faster than the legal limit for e-bikes in any US state with a law currently on the books (some states have no limit at all). In a press release, the company said it “intends to work with city governments to explore solutions from geofencing to revised speed regulations.” Basically a “do first, ask forgiveness after they’ve seen us do a wheelie on this hog” kind of thing.

Zoom out: The e-bike market is expected to reach $48 billion globally by 2028. E-bike sales in the US  increased 145% between 2019 and 2020, and grew 240% in the 12 months leading up to July 2021. For context, that’s 16x faster growth than general cycling.

The VanMoof V will retail for approximately $3,600, and deliveries are expected to start in late 2022.—MK