An Urgent Appeal to Our Friends of the Museum!

In my nearly four years at the museum, I have never had to try this approach to fundraising. The circumstances necessitate such an impersonal and urgent request, and for that I apologize.
The museum has two, yes, just two full-time employees. That has been the case since June. For cost saving purposes, I thought we could limp along until we receive funds from our biggest contributor in February. 
However, we were hit hard by the pandemic in August and September, exposing our vulnerability with a two-person staff. With many grants to write, events and fundraisers to plan, two exhibitions to change out in the next four months, our deputy director and I need your support. 
I am seeking $14,000 to fund a part-time temporary employee, cover expenses associated with our next exhibition and to undertake a robust marketing campaign. Permanent solutions have been budgeted beginning in late February 2022, but until then we must bridge this gap.
Please stretch as much as you possibly can but even small gifts add up. If you were considering a year end gift, it would be such a relief to receive it now rather than December.
Thanks for being an unwavering fan of the LaGrange Art Museum.  With gratitude,Laura JenningsExecutive Director                          
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