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Thank you for your support of the upcoming Angel’s Run on Saturday, Feb., 3, beginning at 8 a.m. at the Newnan First United Methodist Church.Our goal is to have 1200 runners and we are coming up short due to the recent snow, school being out, flu outbreaks, etc., and need your help this week to blast out as much publicity as possible to help us out!

We have ordered extra Tshirts for Walk Up runners on Saturday morning – those who might be waiting until the last minute to see what the weather is going to be like.  Also, don’t forget you can still purchase Chicken Q tickets for only $10 and we DELIVER within the Newnan city limits.  Just let us know the address and how many lunches and we will make sure they are delivered within the lunch time frame.  We also will have the Drive Thru option open again this year, so you never have to get out of your car!!

Schools are encouraged to compete for awards for the most participation, so any shout to all schools for a little friendly competition would be great!

Keep in mind – ALL money raised goes directly to Angel’s House to help these teenage girls who have been displaced from their home.

Thanks to 92.5 The Bear who will be onsite Saturday morning for our first Live Remote!!!

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